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Young European Federalists

Three days after the British decided to vote "Leave" its quite interesting to see, that even the ‪#‎Brexit‬-Faction is realizing what impact that decision is having on Europe's future but also on their own country: The populists won the game - where is that leading?

It seems to be the case, that Boris Johnson is hiding himself. He looked shocked right after the results came up. Just a reminder: Boris Johnson is part of the Leave-Faction! Moreover, Johnson claimed that the UK will aim on a slow Brexit – the first promise the Leave-Faction broke. That, and other promises the Leave-Faction made during their campaign (and already broke), is more than ever an indicator, that even the Leave-Faction didn’t know what they were doing here. Take back Control, Britain First and other populist statements are typical for the ongoing politics in Europe. 

Its coming up to the point, that for some people, like Johnson, its just a game of politics which will end in a huge failure and stealing valuable years for (young) Europeans and upcoming generations where we have to face a right-wing-movement with a tremendous impact on inner and foreign policies. Front National, Partij voor de Vrijheid and other right-wing-parties already claimed to get their independence as well and as soon as possible. Just a reminder here: Elections in 2017 in France and Netherlands. 

To just blame the populists will be too easy. Sure, Europe needs a change. A democratic change as well as a political change where all 28 State-Member will profit and not just a few. A change, where Germany is not leading, as well as not France is leading. The leadership should be taken by a represented parliament, by a European President, voted by Europeans, not Germans, French or Polish only. 

So, I am questioning Europe here: 

What are you afraid of? 
Immigrants? Refugees? Muslims? 

Am I an immigrant because I want to work in France? Are you an immigrant because you want to work in Germany? No.

What are you proud of? 
Your country? Your national-flag? Your language? Your food?

Keep your language. No one will steal it. But lets talk about it and we should agree to speak in English.

What will be the future? 
More you? More nationalism? More dividing in-betweens countries, skin-color, religion? 

Don't be a selfish human being. Look what you accomplished in your country - together and realize, that this can be accomplished Europe-wide.

Take responsibility and get over yourself. Don’t listen to populists, look at history. History showed us, that nationalism and dividing brings nothing more than devastation – sooner or later. More than 70 years of peace in Europe and a more than ever close relationship to all of us is not worth to give up just you’re mad of Brussels politics. Don’t blame Brussel for everything. There are mistakes done by them but I am sick of blaming the European Union for everything which failed. Just remember: Moving together and overcome borders worked for so many decades. Now, we have to find a new way, a new common ground. For that, I decided to join the Young European Federalists – what are you doing?

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