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On the 23rd of June, Great Britain will vote for Stay or Leave the European Union (EU). Besides the fact, that both sides are playing a ridiculous role in this voting as they exaggerate as much as they can to get placed in media, its not a question of stay or leave. The voting is just a result of years of inactivity proceeding to build a sustainable and transparent democratic system within the EU which is not driven by German-based leadership or even some other country leadership at all. The issue is the missing common history within the European Union.

France, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Poland and even Germany. They all show signs of EU-Animosity since the start of the finance crisis in 2008 (and which is still continuing). The upcoming refugees-topic (its not a crisis) is just a tipping point. Refugees are not the issue. They are just used by right-wing-parties - sadly. The issue, and that is what we see in Great Britain at the moment, is the missing conjunction within the European countries. Where is the common ground within the European Union? Do we even have a common ground in the European Union? We don’t. We have an anthem (which no one really knows) but that’s not a common ground. We just stay together, as we think its benefitting our economy. That was working for some centuries (after the war, then the deregulation in the 80ths, making depths until 2008, then, it all implodes). Nowadays, Europe is struggling more than ever. 

People are looking for their identity, so do the British people. They are asking themselves: Am I part of a bigger idea or just part of an economic system which is benefitting the wealthiest of the wealth? Is it still a democratic system when the EU-Parliament is over voted or not even heard at all by the EU-Commission which is mainly driven by Germany and France (or at all the country who is paying the most into the EU-till)?

The media should focus on the riots in France. Not the discussion in Great Britain is important. France is showing the real issue. The riots, if you support them or not, are showing the disease which Europe got infected. Tax-Heavens (I am not talking about Panama), competition between the countries in social insurance, taxes, payments and furthermore the mantra of a (relentless) growing economy, mainly achieved during the last centuries due to cuts in social services, labour rights and depths, are not an option for a sustainable and liveable future within Europe and the world.

When the fundament of the EU was founded, it was a necessity as we never wanted to have war in Europe. When the Soviet Union felt, it was a feeling of pure freedom and a chance for the democratic system and their values. When Great Britain will vote on the 23rd, we should have asked ourselves before, what kind of economic system and idea we of Europe we want. Now, it seems to be an emergency repairing which will not work. So, I do understand Great Britain if they leave. But still: Leaving the European Union won’t solve the issues we all have.

Instead of leaving, you should remain. Instead of staying, we should renew the European Union. Instead of saying you, we should say We! Because when we stand together and bring up an idea of Europe, we rethink our common ground. We might speak another language; we might have different dishes but we are still connected as we never should forget what happened 70 years ago – even it was German-driven.

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